Dynamo Theory and its implication.

If you ever wondered on how a geomagnetic field is produced or if you have a keen interest on physics, this article is for you. This article explains Dynamo Theory, the phenomenon by which the magnetosphere of a celestial body is produced.

Source : Google Images
Source : Cosmoknowledge YouTube Channel
Illustration of the dynamo mechanism that creates the Earth’s magnetic field: convection currents of fluid metal in the Earth’s outer core, driven by heat flow from the inner core, organized into rolls by the Coriolis Force, create circulating electric currents, which generate the magnetic field. (Source : Wikipedia)

Magnetars are a type of a neutron star which have an extremely powerful magnetic field, they are the strongest magnets in the universe. They have a very high density such that a single teaspoon of a magnetar could weigh at some billion tons. Even the strong fields of magnetars are the results from a magnetohydrodynamic dynamo process in the turbulent, extremely dense conducting fluid that exists before the neutron star settles into its equilibrium configuration.
(Wonder what happened if a Magnetar would be in our Solar System, Check out this video)

Source : What If YouTube Channel



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Krishna Praneeth Sidde

A 15 year old who has a keen interest in Computer Science and Astrophysics.